5 Things You Can Do In Hatherleigh

There is something for everyone in Hatherleigh. This place has a beautiful landscape, ancient ruins, and many more attractions. Here are some of the things you can do in Hatherleigh.

Ancient buildings and sculptures

You will see the fascinating Rams Head sculptures in the Square that show the talent of the local artist and their love for fine art. You can visit historic buildings like the Parish Church, the Methodists Chapel

Tuesday market

It is something you must see. The tradition of Tuesday market has been there for years. The place is full of noise as the local people try to get the best deals from different stalls and auction. There are pottery, pubs, and shops. So, after your shopping, you can enjoy lunch and drink at the pub.


Haterliegh is located on the Tarka Trail. You will find many local walks to explore. Belvedere Castle is just a short walk from Hatherleigh where you will find beautiful panoramic views of Exmoor and Dartmoor. You can either go for a challenging trek or a relaxing stroll. Guided walks are also available.

The carnival

The Hatherleigh Carnival is very unique. It takes place on the second Saturday in November every year. In the morning the children start to pull Tar barrels up to the top of the town. They remain there till they are lit and are brought down at 5 am. You will see people in fancy dresses with Tar barrels and Flaming torches. The Hatherleigh Carnival Jazz Band will perform. The carnival lasts through the night.


You will enjoy cycling amidst the spectacular scenery. It’s a great activity for people of all ages. You can go through winding country lanes without any traffic. You will find dramatic descents and very challenging inclines as well. You will see ancient ruins, rivers, and streams.

You will have a wonderful time with your family and friends in this lovely town. If you are looking for something peaceful this holiday, then you should visit Haterhleigh.

5 Things You Can Do In Hatherleigh

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