Hatherleigh, in North Devon, UK is a very old town located in the heart of rural Devon. The town is full of cob and thatch cottages.  Here will find the tranquility and natural beauty that is hard to find anywhere else. The landscape of Hatherleigh is shaped by many years of settlement and farming. In this town, you will find an active community who wonderfully blends tradition with modern life. You can see a glimpse of the tradition in the Hatherleigh Market that takes place on a Tuesday morning. You will find farmers and others gather here to sell their livestock.

We are an organization helping those who want to do business in Hatherleigh. We provide resources, funding, and expertise as well so that they can develop their business successfully. We also work towards improving the visitor experience by providing tourist information.

Our objective is to show people the best of Hatherleigh and promote it as a great place for doing business. We want people to come back to Hatherleigh again and again. If you are interested in doing business here, please contact us. We will help you to set up your business here successfully.