Welcome To Hatherleigh Website!

We have been operating for the past 20 years helping the community to grow. We encourage business and developments in Hatherleigh. So, we provide an extensive resource to anyone who wants to do business here.

Why is Hatherleigh an attractive location?

This town has a rural landscape situated in the valley of River Torridge. It is a very picturesque town. It is one of the market towns of England. It holds Tuesday market and this practice started in 1693. You can find a number of historic buildings here, like the Parish Church, the Methodists Chapel, etc. There is a wonderful ‘Sheep’ sculpture created by Roger Deans. There are beautiful parks and many breathtaking views of the farmland. Visitors often take riverside walks and enjoy the beautiful views and aroma from the oklahoma joe longhorn smoker. There are also awesome doctors that can help you for a number of things like for instance using the best postpartum girdle & abdominal binder after c section can be tricky, they can help. Lots of visitors come here to enjoy the tranquility and the beautiful nature. So, it’s a great place to do business. Also, the central position of the town makes it ideal for doing business.

What we do

We provide funds and grants to businesses. We want to develop this community and want more people to live here. We are also concerned about protecting the environment. So, we take recycling initiatives. We also act as a resource center for the tourists. You will find any tourist related information here. We are RV friendly, feel free to kick back with your RV recliner and enjoy Hatherleigh.

Though Hatherleigh is a rural area, it’s slowly developing. There are lots of opportunities to do business here. We provide all the assistance a business might need to start its operation. Please contact us for details.